Travel insurance after departure? World Nomads will be your choice.

Sometimes we forget to buy travel insurance before departure.

Some people may think that it is not big deal to stay in abroad without travel insurance; however, this is very dangerous situation.

Any trouble can happen in abroad

In abroad, there are risks that we encounter troubles and unexpected situations.

For example, you may get sick that you do not often get in your home country.

In that situation, you may want to go to local hospital to get an appropriate treatment.

However, if you do not have travel insurance, you need to pay ALL of the cost that you are charged by the hospital for your treatment, prescription and so on…

The cost will be much higher than you expect, which may lead very serious situation for your finance.

World Nomads will be your choice

In order to avoid that situation that you will be in “money” trouble, this will be highly important to get the travel insurance and make sure that you are covered by it.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not offer the insurance after departure.

So, maybe you want to check the travel insurance offered by World Nomads.

World Nomads is the insurance company that is offering the one that you can buy after departure.

So, even if you are already overseas, you can buy the insurance.

For more details, please check the homepage.



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